What the Cuss? Deadbeat Dad Alienates LaShanda Armstrong’s Family from Funeral.

What the Cuss? Deadbeat Dad Alienates LaShanda Armstrong’s Family from Funeral.

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Author : Christelyn Karazin

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Christelyn is married with four children.

Forgive me if I don’t muster up the requisite amount of sympathy for Mr. Jean Pierre, the grieving father of the three children who drowned in the Hudson with their mother, 25-year-old LaShanda Armstrong.  Don’t get me wrong…as a mother of four kids myself, I’d be a basket case if I lost a single one of them.

But you know what?  I suckled those four children until they were a year old.  I ran to the doctor when they were sick.  I volunteer at their school.  I wash their clothes.  Train them and sacrifice every single day for them.

It’s hard to muster the empathy I’d usually have for a parent who lost his entire progeny in one car dive into a murky river, but honestly I can’t.

Not because he was a deadbeat.  Or a cheater.  Or allegedly abusive.  Those parents are allowed to love and grieve for their children too.

But when I read the New York Daily News that Pierre was trying to cherry-pick which of Armstrong’s family members were allowed to attend the funeral, a little vomit came up in my mouth.  If baby-daddy is trying to pass along blame to folks, he’d better take a close look at what he did and didn’t do that might have contributed to this tragedy.  No one, I mean, NOT ONE of Armstrong’s family members should have been excluded from paying their respects to children that they also loved, and perhaps cared for while Pierre was out chasing tail.

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