Urban Midwifery Launches Campaign Against the Normalization of ‘Baby Mama’

Urban Midwifery Launches Campaign Against the Normalization of ‘Baby Mama’

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Author : Christelyn Karazin

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Christelyn is married with four children.

JayVon Muhammad, midwife and founder of Urban Midwifery, a family-advocacy organization in South Carolina, launched a campaign to hault the normalization of ‘baby mammahood.’    Take a look at the compelling hands-on approach Muhammad takes:

The organization is in urgent need for financial assitance to continue to service and spread the word within the community. Please contribute to the very worthy cause here.

Her Mission:

Campaign Against the Normalization of the “Baby Mama”

Being a “Baby Mama” is NOT normal. Yet, today having a baby without having (first) a husband is glorified. Every time one turns on the television or the radio being a “Baby Mama” seems to be okay.

Urban Midwifery is on a campaign to dispel this lie. Being a “Baby Mama” is not fair to the woman or the child. It should not be one’s goal. We women are CHEATING ourselves, and our babies, when we take on the parenting role without a partner. It is unfair and it is not optimum.

Over 70% of Black Babies are born outside of Wedlock. This means that over 70% of pregnancies in the Black Community involve women who are single, in unhealthy relationships, or they may be in committed relationships, but the ultimate relationship commitment – marriage, hasn‘t happened.

For those who are confused, and argue that they are in a committed relationship, and marriage doesn’t matter… Let us be the first to tell you – You are either MARRIED, or you are SINGLE, in the eyes of law, and God. There is no, “in a relationship” status, like in the Facebook fantasy world.

On a daily basis Urban Midwifery cares for pregnant women who are struggling to meet basic financial and emotional needs. They may be homeless, staying in substandard housing, or an unfavorable environment. They may be unemployed. They may be heart-broken, or embarrassed because their relationship has fallen apart, and now they are pregnant and left to raise a child alone. And, even when women are in (uncommitted) relationships, there is the fear that it might not “work out”, and then I will be left to raise my child.”

Being Married is WHAT’s UP!

Having a spouse to love, care, and provide for you allows you to take your rightful place in the home. The feminine role! The role of wife, mother, first teacher, first nurse.

Strong marriages make for strong communities. As more and more women are left to have and raise children alone, our communities continue to decline. Young men and women are growing up without father figures, causing them to be preyed upon and to make unnecessary mistakes.

Marriage brings a certain stability with it, financially and emotionally. Pregnant women in healthy marriages have less stress and are able to rely on their spouses to take care of the daily nuisances that present. This makes for a healthier pregnancy.

Urban Midwifery, Inc. is committed to encouraging marriage in the Black Community. As part of our programs for pregnant women, and our Campaign against the normalization of the Baby Mama, we provide conferences, workshops, and educational sessions that stress the importance of marriage to pregnant women.

Healthy marriages make for healthy families, and healthy families make for healthy communities.

Our goal is to educate girls and young women about the benefits of marriage before pregnancy. We do this through lectures and conferences to youth groups. We also work with pregnant women closely educating them about all of the benefits that come with being married.

Join Urban Midwifery on our 2011 Campaign Against Normalizing the Baby Mama.

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User Comments

  1. Nicole Ali
    May 24, 2011

    All I can say is that this long over due. Thank you Thank you Thank you. We need stop making what is not natural natural.


  2. Alexis Lawrence
    May 25, 2011

    As much as I enjoy your blog, I’m going to have to differ with you on this subject. Just because a man puts a ring on a woman’s finger and signs a piece of paper in front of witnesses doesn’t mean he will be a good friend,partner, and provider. It also doesn’t mean that marriage is always an ideal situation or circumstance to be in. I think it’s more important to build up the self esteem of these young women and to teach them how to not settle for just anyone and hold out for a person of quality instead of just pushing the idea of marriage.


    • cami nicoles
      June 7, 2011

      You are partially right. Yes, self esteem plays a big part. It’s self esteem that allows women to choose decent, honorable men. It’s also that self esteem that enables them to leave when those men may mistreat them. But with marriage, THE CHILD has the best of both worlds – protection, financial security, stronger discipline, the works! You have to admit, many single mothers are dropping the ball. Men, husbands, fathers are needed for the kids’ and womens’ sake – don’t downplay that.


    • futureshock
      June 11, 2011

      I am so sick of these types of responses:

      “Just because a man puts a ring on a woman’s finger and signs a piece of paper in front of witnesses doesn’t mean he will be a good friend,partner, and provider. It also doesn’t mean that marriage is always an ideal situation or circumstance to be in.”

      So being with a man without being married DOES mean he will be a good friend, partner and provider??? OF COURSE NOT. In which scenario is the man MORE LIKELY to be these things? Unmarried or married?

      MARRIED, obviously.


  3. Sheila
    May 27, 2011

    Unmarried + Kids – Education = Poverty
    I have taken this message to middle and high school students. I am in agreement with you. We need to change the culture. We are squandering every gain made by the civils rights movement. African American and their offspring deserve better. We need to make better decisions. It is shameful.


  4. Herb
    May 28, 2011

    Tragically, the normalization of the Baby Mama has become deeply embedded in the black community. It’s bad enough with poor and uneducated women, but it sinks to a deeper level of irresponsibility/immorality when educated women with good jobs consciously and deliberately choose to get pregnant and bear children out of wedlock. There is a place for shame in a civilized society.