Three weeks later, is the NWNW campaign still worth talking about?

In the third week of this “movement”, it is still quite early to determine what are substantive outcomes of its premise. While the founder, Karazin admits that she does not have all the answers, it will be interesting to see how exactly she will propose to get black people married before having children when there appears to be no particular game plan in place.

Author : Christelyn Karazin

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Christelyn is married with four children.

If you are active online, particularly on Twitter, then you were apt to see, at least once during your tweeting, the hashtag #NWNW crop up in your timeline sometime after Sept. 22. NWNW stands for the slogan “No Wedding, No Womb” crafted by blogger Christelyn Karazin, owner of the blog Beyond Black and White who determined to begin an initiative that would bring attention to the high percentage of Black children being born out of wedding. Identifying out-of-wedlock births as a problem to the Black community, Karazin, an unemployed stay-at-home mom of four children began the initiative because of what she viewed as a start at making people accountable. Twitroaster reported on Sept. 24 that the “No Wedding No Womb” campaign about the effect of out-of-wedlock births on the Black community reached more than 110,000 people through Twitter in one night.


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