Sitting On My Father’s Lap ~ by S. Jackson (a.k.a. Strawbery) [Poetry, Event Post]

He was my protector…my hero…my provider.

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Sitting on My Father’s Lap

By: S. Jackson


As a girl, I would run to my daddy, jump on his

lap and play.

He would tickle me and call me his little princess.

I would giggle and look up at him…and see the

mutual adoration in his eyes.

His broad shoulders…big hands….and large frame….

a physical representation of what

was to protect me the minute I took my first breath.

He was my protector…my hero…my provider.

He would melt whenever I pouted my lips…obviously

trying to get my way.

I was daddy’s little girl…daddy’s little angel.

Nothing was too good for his baby…his angel.

As I grew up…he would meet my dates at the door.

I remember him giving them the 3rd degree…

making them shake in their boots.

Gosh…he really embarrassed me, you know.

Yet, my heart was warm…because I know my daddy

would do anything for me.

He stood with momma…tears in his eyes…

As he watched his angel walk across that stage

and get her diploma

He cried buckets when he watched me graduate

from college only 4 years later.

Then he had to walk me down the isle and give me away.

He had to let his angel go!

He held tight to my hand…hesitant to give it to my

future husband

With intensity, he looked at my future husband and

said, “This is my daughter, take good care of her.”

Three years later, he welcomed his grandson in the world.

He was proud that we named him after him.

He was a proud grandpa. He wanted to be called “Pa Pa”.

A dream I have from time to time…mere fantasies

A black hole that I’ve tried desperately to fill

Man after man.

Trying to find the daddy that I never knew…..

Trying to find myself….

An empty space…extending far down in the pits of

my soul.

No void is so deep than the absence of one’s father.

I’m grown now and it still hurts….

Now my babies are facing the same…

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