Politic 365: No Wedding No Womb, No Future?

Politic 365: No Wedding No Womb, No Future?

Practically all African American legislators and policy makers have (wisely) stayed away from the NWNW fray. To engage in such a controversial, and quite personal, topic would serve to alienate a good portion of their constituents. Ironically, many of these same constituents are suffering the most from the problems Karazin and her supporters believe stem from homes headed by single mothers.

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No Wedding, No Womb, No Future?

by Tamera Robinson


In the past few weeks, the Black blogosphere exploded over an online campaign aimed at reducing the 70% out-of-wedlock births in the African American community.   According to “No Wedding, No Womb” (NWNW) organizer Christelyn D. Karazin, too many Black women are making poor choices when choosing fathers for their children.  In addition, Karazin argues that too many Black men are abdicating their responsibilities as parents.  The end result is a community with what Karazin considers dysfunction, one characterized by higher crime, poor education, poverty, and unemployment.

Whether fatherless and low marriage rates are the root causes of these problems for Black America has been debated non-stop on blogs, Twitter, and even mainstream media outlets such as National Public Radio.  What is missing from these debates are the possible political and policy implications for the future of African Americans.


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