National Cupcake Day 15th December 2019 – International Events

national cupcake day 2019

National cupcake day is celebrated on every 15th December with a cake that’s baked in an aluminum or paper cup and decorate with icing and its single serving cake. Since the 19th century in the United States, the cupcake has been commonly loved and also appreciated in different events like office parties, birthday parties and anywhere it can be fit. Remember this national holiday is not be confused with Canadian cupcake day that falls on 25th February for the fundraising event for abused animal rehabilitation and also no with chocolate cupcake day which celebrated on 18th October.


National Cupcake Day and Cupcakes History.

During the 17th & 18th centuries, cupcakes were baked and enjoyed most certainly. And most likely relate with English Fairy Cakes, it was not revealed until 1796 in a cookbook written Amelia Simmons named American Cookery. But the recipe is not about cupcake it’s about a cake baked in small cups. The original recipe for these cup size cakes called for half a pound butter, two pounds flour, rose water, cinnamon, nutmeg, empties and one glass of wine.

The Book “Seventy-Five Receipts for Cakes, Pastry, and Sweetmeats” wrote by Eliza Leslie in 1828. The book also contained a small cake recipe. But this size is not referred to a cupcake. But it is known as the first reference for cupcakes.

The cupcake started to evolve during the 19th century. It begins as a small size cake which ingredients measured through a standard cup, named Cupcake. The name cupcake indicated bakers how to measure the ingredients for cake by using a standard cup. Seems like a method of pound cake that indicate the bakers how to measure the ingredients for pound cake. In time, they known and famous as 1, 2, 3, 4 cakes sue to their recipe that contained 4 ingredients. One cup butter, two cups sugar, three cups flour, and the last one is 4 eggs. These yellow cakes are lighter like a lighter pound cake then the modern cupcake and plain. However, these lighter weight and small cakes did not look like an original cupcake, like today’s modern cupcakes. That time these cakes are larger but after some time they transformed into a cup-sized cake that called cupcake nowadays.

Unfortunately, the history of National Cupcake Day seems to be not well documented like the history of cupcakes are briefly explained and well documented. No one knows that when the holiday, national cupcake day is created and who named it’s or create. Whomever, we all are thankful to the person who created it and gives us an excuse to bake and eat more cupcakes on national cupcake day.

National Cup Cake Day 2019

The Best Way To Celebrate National Cupcake Day.

You can make your national cupcake day memorable by enjoying different varieties of the cupcake. The best way to enjoy a national cupcake holiday is to plane a cupcake party by baking cupcake by yourself. Can also gift cupcakes to your loved ones go to any shelter home with some cupcakes and share them with homeless and needy peoples. Take pictures of your every moment and also when you baked cupcake by yourself and post these pictures on social media by using the hashtag on pic #NationalCupcakeDay. We wish everyone have the best cupcake on every 5th of December. And we hope that you bake, eat and share some delicious cupcakes with your loved ones.

Where Cupcake Day is celebrated.

National cupcake day is a public holiday across the United States on every December 5th. But it is also celebrated in some other countries as well.

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