Naked With Socks On: Being a ‘Baby Mamma’ is No Badge of Honor

Naked With Socks On: Being a ‘Baby Mamma’ is No Badge of Honor

No matter how pretty we paint the picture that is our life to others, whether we have a supporting father for our child or have one that’s an asshole, we [unmarried mothers] are “baby mamas.”

Author : Christelyn Karazin

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Christelyn is married with four children.

Naked With Socks On

It’s been a while since I’ve decided to write. I believe my last note was last year around this time, so it’s been about 365+ days since I last shared my thoughts publicly…


So many things have taken place in my life since then—a new boyfriend, a new life, but most importantly, what has changed in my life the most, is becoming a mother. It’s one of the most exhilarating experiences in the world; pushing my 7 lb, 20-inch long beautiful baby girl out of the womb.

As a young girl, I always pictured myself married, career stricken, financially set, house, two cars, husband and children. I mean, isn’t that the American Dream? At least that’s the way it was sold to us as kids. I didn’t imagine being 26-years-old, unmarried, not finished with school, no career, no husband, and I damn sure didn’t see myself with a child without the aforementioned events occurring.


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