Martin Lindsey: “The Children Are Not Alright, But We Can Make It Right”

Martin Lindsey: “The Children Are Not Alright, But We Can Make It Right”

“As an “actionist” I try not to whine about a problem but actually do something about it.”

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See, its not just Americans who think every child having a mother and a father is the best for children and society. Even Europe where everything goes has it’s bulwarks against the insanity of Frankentein-styled-false-recreations of families that are proliferating world wide.

Speaking to the Sunday Times recently, Scottish business owner Brian Souter says Scotland is in danger of becoming a “Babylonian-Greek society” where sex is “primarily a recreational activity”. He said: “We are arguing here about what kind of society we want to live in. Are we going to be in a Babylonian-Greek-type of society, where sex is primarily a recreational activity, or are we going to stick with the Judeo-Christian tradition, where procreation is something that we want to put within a marriage context?”

His arguments for the latter are to protect society from “imploding” as he puts it. Couldn’t have said it better myself. His remarks were partly in response to the gay-marriage debates in Europe but he could use Black America as a case study on where the Babylonian-Greek lifestyle in all it’s incarnations will actually take a country.

I haven’t lost hope but as far as I’m concerned the African American community has already imploded with a nearly 73% out-of-wedlock birthrate. THIS IS UNHEARD OF!!! and it is patently unfair for any Black child suffering under such a situation. The behaviors of the progeny of this years-long trend are proliferating. The obvious illustrations are the tacky dress habits and increasingly vocabulary-limited vulgarity in the music (and that’s just the current crop of young parents I’m talking about, not only their kids). What is also interesting is seeing the natural course of cultural transmission with so many white kids picking up some of the sorry, saggy habits, not to mention the growing tendency for young teen and adult females to emulate these things.

The verbal pollution from young people’s mouths has become appalling. Yes, that is also connected to particular family groupings and what is taught as acceptable language and self-respecting behavior. It’s unbelievable that so many young women in this generation allow young men to call them “bitch” and they don’t get offended. In fact it has become the new “nigger”. Some of these girls just take it from a guy like it’s their name and allow the conversation to continue as normal like there’s nothing to it. The girls from my generation would have checked that madness immediately. I’m telling you, the new bad normal is pulling us down collectively.

The backwards trend is backed by any number of statistics. According to the Pew Research Center, “The share of 30- to 44-year-olds living as unmarried couples has more than doubled since the mid-1990s.” so there’s no mystery to the genesis of these particular societal ills.

Despite the ongoing marginalization of those of us who believe in traditional views of proper family structure, I think the National Organization for Marriage does a great job in doimg what’s in the best interests of children. With more efforts like theirs perhaps we still have a chance. Yeah, more Black kids with a mother and a father raising them without some of society’s deranged cultural activists using our children as social experiments is what’s actually in the best interests of the African American community.

As an “actionist” I try not to whine about a problem but actually do something about it. I am a traditionalist who believes every child deserves a mother and a father who are in fact a man and a woman. That’s not a political statement of social warfare. That’s a fact of our cultural welfare.

I could write extensively about my beliefs on one way of living versus the other but NOM has already done a significant job of that since 2007. Is this about gay bashing or intruding upon individual rights. Of course not. You’d have to be crazy to make such a kindergarten level oversimplification. It’s about children’s rights. If you like me are tired of Black kids being sociopolitical footballs then do something about it. I’m challenging you to do what I’m doing this week. Contribute to the National Organization for Marriage and show greater support for groups like it to help turn the tide.

Beyond that, young ladies today it’s about you in particular. Stand up for yourselves and your own well-being. Here are a few reasons you valuing yourselves more benefits all of society. Before you hit the sack with a guy, make him commit to an altar bound promise to you and your future children that you will have together. Before you give it up tell young sir, “No wedding, no womb!”.

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