Kevin HART – Black Hollywood Star.

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And you know who Kevin HART is? Do you know what movies he starred in? If not, then we are ready to provide the necessary information.


Kevin Hart was born on July 6, 1979. His birthplace is a small town located in the state of Philadelphia. Our hero was raised in a single-parent family. Father had left the family. Mother had to work two jobs to provide a decent life for her son. In adolescence, Kevin presented a goal to get a good education and to get rich. And I must say that he has achieved everything he wanted. Over training in high school. George Washington. On this, our hero did not stop there. He enrolled at Temple University. Kevin hart net worth is $170 approximate,

kevin hart net worth


It would seem, educated and the sociable guy could get in a large company, to sit in the office and get a decent salary. But Kevin got a job as a salesman in the Shoe Department. His salary is only enough for paying apartment rent and modest food set. Financial difficulties did not break but rather tempered Kevin. In his spare time, he attended various auditions conducted by the American TV channels. In 2001, our hero got lucky. One influential producer saw in him comedic talent.

The beginning of his career

Kevin HART is a born comedian. And it’s a talent he revealed in himself, as it enters the third decade. HART got a cameo role. But the film gained huge popularity with viewers. And fun black guy noticed. Kevin HART has a “chip”. It is a small increase – just 162 cm. Compared to other Hollywood actors he looks like a baby. But Kevin has no complexes about this. Its growth and appearance, the guy perceives with humor.

Kevin HART: Filmography

Today in the box of the actor dozens of vivid roles in popular films, including “Paper soldiers”, “Death of a dynasty”, “North Hollywood” and so on. In 2003 Kevin went to the next casting. He got the role of a mad guy in the movie “scary movie 3”. This Comedy film gained unprecedented popularity among the audience living in different countries (including in Russia). In 2004, the screens out Comedy “along came Polly”. HART got a cameo role. His colleagues on the set were Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller.

Real success came to our hero after the release of the film “the Forty-year-old virgin”. Kevin had a small role. But the way in which he has successfully used, remembered by the audience for its originality and a great sense of humor. The actor began to learn on the street and ask him for his autograph. His persona interested producers and Directors. For three years the work schedule HART was painted on the clock. He regularly gave mini-concerts and participated in television shows and starred in the television series.

Filmography of Kevin HART presents dozens of works. We list the most vivid and memorable roles:

  • “Fool’s gold” (2008) – big Bunny;
  • “Death at a funeral” (2010) – Brian;
  • “Thirty-five” (Kevin HART played a guy named Clevon);
  • “A little bit married” (2012) – Arcs;
  • “Grudge match” (2013), Dante Slate Jr.;
  • “Joint trip” (2014) – Ben Barber;
  • “Be strong!” (2015) – Darn Email.


Personal life

In his student years, Kevin had happened dizzying novels. But then he thought about marriage and kids. He was interested in a causal relationship without commitment. HART changed their attitude to life when he met a girl named Tori. Sympathy was mutual. In 2003, the pair played a magnificent wedding. Soon tori gave her beloved daughter haven. After some time, the couple had a son named Hendrix. In 2011, American tabloids reported the divorce of the actor and his lady. It turned out to be true.

kevin hart worth

In conclusion,

We talked about where he was born, studied and how did the popularity of Kevin HART. Let’s wish him happiness and new prominent roles in the film!

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