England Simpson: Twelve: An Important Conversation

England Simpson: Twelve: An Important Conversation

“Minors are becoming parents and bringing children into unstable homes and some are getting fame and notoriety for it. Ew, that’s wack… “

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Twelve: An Important Conversation

Since when has teen pregnancy become socially acceptable? Minors are becoming parents and bringing children into unstable homes and some are getting fame and notoriety for it. Ew, that’s wack… Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am not judging anyone or attacking single mothers and fathers. The strongest person I know is a single mother. My observations have nothing to do with: class, religion, race or anything of a socioeconomic nature. I’m just a person who believes that everyone should have a childhood; and if you are popping out babies at 14 then you are not experiencing the joys of youth, you’re changing messy diapers. So, with that being stated, what’s the deal? Why do we have young people assuming that their actions will not have a serious consequence? I’m surprised that most of these kids… yes, kids, are not terrified of bringing another life into this world. I’m so afraid of having children prematurely that

I’ve decided to remain a virgin until I’m married. A 27-year-old virgin, if you will… I know that a message of abstinence will most certainly NOT be received by many young people, but that is my fool-proof way of making sure that I will never catch an STD or bring a child into an environment lacking proper financial and physical support. Raising a family ideally should be done in a two-parent home, and even then raising babies is the hardest job in the world. I think I’d rather preside over the United States of American than to be a mommy. :)

Nurturing children is a full-time responsibility that should never be taken lightly. So, imagine my surprise when I had the chance to converse with a 12-year-old pregnant girl who had nothing but a lack of respect for the position she was in… it was absolutely startling, because she is her child’s future, and her child is OUR future and her flippant response to being pregnant literally made me cringe:

Girl: “So, what is wrong witchu? Why you ain’t neva have sex, why you ain’t got no babies?”

Me: “Honestly? I don’t think I’m ready to be a mother, therefore, I will not engage in an act that could possibly lead me to have kids… what about you? Aren’t you afraid? You’re life is going to change, you have a responsibility greater than yourself.”

Girl: “Huh? I ain’t scared, my Mama probably gonna do most of the stuff–”

Me: “Wait. That’s not fair to your mom, YOUR baby should be YOUR responsibility.”

Girl: “Well, we a family, so she gotta help me out wit my baby, her mama helped her out. ”

Me: “Oh, okay, gotcha.”

Girl: “Do you have a boyfriend? Lol, probably not, because you ain’t keepin’ no man if… *snickers* you know what…”

Me: “So, your baby’s father is a “man?” Honey, you’re a child that is in a serious predicament, the last thing you need to worry about is “pleasing” your “man,” that’s what got you knocked up in the first place. Trust me, when you get a little older, you’ll see.”

Girl: “At least I got a man.”

The whole conversation blew my mind. When I was 12-years-old I was still watching cartoons and playing with action figures, it’s not a maturity thing, it’s an innocence thing… I feel sorry for this girl, she will never know how it feels to have a childhood. When everyone is trying to figure out what they are going to wear for prom, she’ll be figuring out what to cook for dinner. While everyone is going to homecoming, she’ll be going to doctor’s appointments. And the scariest thing of all? I’m confident that her child will never know how it feels to grow up in a stable home.

England is an accomplished film/television actress and producer. She has appeared in over a dozen independent film projects, and has starred in a national television show for truTV. Building a reputation as a blerd (black nerd), England has garnered thousands of “homies,” aka fans, with her goofy attitude and passion for all things geeky… England Simpson is a cool person… my grandma absolutely LOVES her!

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