Announcing the 2014 No Wedding No Womb Essay Contest Winner, Christina Thomas

The No Wedding No Womb initiative has gone international, and is now an official program at Sixth Form Government School in Trinidad and Tobago! Two essay winners were selected, with Christina Thomas taking first place and receiving a $75 cash prize. Congratulations, Christina! CHRISTINA THOMAS SCHOOL: SIXTH FORM GOVERNMENT SCHOOL/ POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE ADDRESS OF SCHOOL: [...]

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The No Wedding No Womb initiative has gone international, and is now an official program at Sixth Form Government School in Trinidad and Tobago! Two essay winners were selected, with Christina Thomas taking first place and receiving a $75 cash prize. Congratulations, Christina!



TOPIC: No wedding, no womb project: “Marriage is a concept that is declining in today’s society.”

Marriage is a concept that is declining in today’s society.”

In today’s society marriage is seen as an act that is done strictly by the upper class in society. It represents certain standards of that particular individual as viewed by the society. Marriage is defined as a formal union of a woman and man usually recognized by law, who later become husband and wife. According to a Biblical definition of marriage, it is a holy and divinely established covenant. According to the Jewish custom, they signed an agreement at the time of the marriage to seal the covenant and the ceremony was meant to be a public display of the couple’s pledge to the covenant. In my perspective, marriage is on a rapid decline and as such this essay seeks to explore such reasons for this decline.

In today’s society, everything is becoming modernized. There are various means of communication and advanced technologies throughout the globe. As a result of this, there was a rapid growth in educational opportunities for everyone. Those who did not complete their schooling due to lack of resources, financial support or traditional reasons such as women not being allowed to attend school, were granted opportunities to further improve their lives. Women were not allowed to attend school because they were seen as home-makers, nurturers and domesticated and not fit for the world of work. They were not a part of the decision making process and simply did the duties of the home.

However, when the opportunity came for women to gain freedom and control over their lives, they sought out to improve it. Some women went to University to complete their education while some worked outside of the home in order to obtain a higher quality of life for themselves. They were no longer confined to the home under the control of their husbands, but attained equal rights. As the women knew that there was life beyond the home, marriage soon was viewed as being unimportant. Women also aimed to be the breadwinner of the home, decision maker and disciplinarian. They wanted to make their own income and be independent in their own personal lives. As a result of the advancement of the society, the women were nolonger thinking of how to satisfy the home and children, but themselves and how to improve themselves. This may have put a strain on marriage which caused a decline in the number of marriages in today’s society.

According to Charles Murray, he stated that since “women are better educated, with greater control over both their fertility and their earnings, modern marriage has changed from an arrangement where men marry for a housewife to a hedonic model where both partners can be the breadwinner.” He further stated that marriage has “shifted from opposite-attract to like-attracts-like.” For example, he stated that “college graduates are more likely to marry college graduates and high school drop outs are more likely to marry high dropouts.” For this reason, marriage has been slowly been changing and rapidly on a spiraling decline.

In addition, the economy is said to be a reason why there is a decline in marriages. Marriage provides emotional benefits such as happiness, health and good companionship for each spouse. Marriage is also seen as providing a strong financial standing whereby each partner supports the other, to provide for the household. However, a new study suggests a dangerous connection between finances and marriage. For example, a spouse that is unemployed or not working for a substantial amount of money to support the household leads to a risky marriage which later results in a breakdown of the marriage.

According to a study’s author, Sarah Corse stated that “working-class people with insecure work and few resources, little stability and no ability to plan for a foreseeable future become concerned with their own survival and often become unable to imagine being able to provide materially and emotionally for others.” This shows that not being able to care for yourself, results in your not being be able to care for another. In my perspective this is one of the major causes of the decline in marriages in today’s society. As evidenced above about the job market and few resources, it obliged the researcher to further say that “marriage does not look so appealing.” This discourages one to further pursue marriage which in turn reduces the number of likely candidates for marriage.

Marriage is one of the many things in society that is on the decline. In my perspective, marriage is on the decline because there is a lack of moral values within an individual. Many people get married today based on emotional desire instead of morally thinking of certain issues and the heavy responsibility of marriage. According to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Media Limited, online article, it stated that the major issue of marriage is the act of remaining faithful to their spouse. According to Ms. Noeline Husbands, she stated that “I think people (s)hould have had the moral values that marriage was a commitment. People are more willing to break that commitment these days,” She also said: “There isn’t that spiritual commitment and there are so many opportunities for unfaithfulness. People are no longer willing to fight for a marriage that isn’t working for them.” Marriage, for this reason has declined to such, that a union is not heavily valued in today’s society. As such, the complications that arise slowly dictate the progressive decline of the marriage.

Moreover, an author of the Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum offered another possible explanation for low marriage rates. She stated that “being committed to a partner means having graduated to a certain standard of bourgeoisie living,” she said, at a public forum in Beverly Hills, California. Daum explained that there is an unspoken cultural assertion that in order to earn the “right” to be married, couples must first reach upper-class status. “With unwritten cultural rules like that,” she said, “it’s no wonder marriage gets put on the back burner.” This shows that marriage is declining as certain individuals cannot maintain and attain the social status that follows with marriage.

Marriage is something that is seen as a concept that follows the upper class of society. It is also seen as a divinely established covenant in God’s eyes. As the society today is seen as something that is modernizing, that acquires new technology, greater educational opportunities were present. For this cause, women’s rights that were jeopardized due to inequality were now allowed to attend school and they took the opportunity of pursuing a better quality of life for themselves. The economy is also another reason why marriages are declining in today’s society. One may not have the substantial amount of money or correct job to care for their family and its needs. Likewise, there is a lack of moral values within such individuals who aspire to be married. The social status that is ascribed to marriage is another reason for decline. One can infer that modernization, the economy, morals of an individual and social ascribed status are the epitome of the decline of marriage in today’s society.

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