And Who Was It That Said That a Daddy’s Presence Wasn’t Important? ~ by Anonymous #1 [Event Post]

One man could create such disproportionate circumstances; Daddies, engage in your children’s lives because their very futures depend on it.

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One Man, Two Daughters, Different Lives

I am the product of a married union. My parents were high school sweethearts who got married in their late 20s. She was someone who was trying to escape a hellish upbringing and he was the goofy class clown who wanted to make her smile when she had every reason to cry instead. Noting their personalities, NO one would put them together and they really shouldn’t have been anything more than friends. He is an awesome person who is cool to talk to and will make you laugh in the most dire of situations, but a good husband or father figure? Not so much, more like that really fun play uncle.

However, as is the story with a lot of women, Mom was naive and went along with the first person to pay her any mind, thinking that meant true love. And in his irresponsible way he did love her and us, his eventual children with her. We were born after they married in the only way that she would accept. There would be no children without marriage, I give her credit for that. Choosing the RIGHT PERSON for marriage though, not so much. This is where the idea of vetting comes into play, not every man should be a husband or father. The idea appealed to him because he came from a two parent home and for all intents and purposes he had a role model in his own father on how a husband should be, but something was lost in translation and the values of provide, protect, honor went out of the window as selfish goals of pleasure seeking instead took over. He cheated and an illegitimate daughter was born that she found out about a while later and I found out about when I was about 11, even though she was only a year or so different in age than me.

By this time, my parents were divorced and my dad was still in my life.
As for the other daughter, she may as well not have existed in our lives. I was daddy’s girl, I knew he had my back. I got flowers for Valentine’s Day, ice cream cakes for birthdays, taken out to eat often, and had my weekends at his house. She had none of that. I grew up secure, she grew up in a rough situation and fatherless. I was praised, president of many societies in school, good grades, girl scout, strong family support. She was a high school drop out. I was a big flirt in high school but used to want to wait until marriage for any sex and definitely at least until I was in love with someone and knew to not just fool around and daddy taught me the slick ways of men, she was the girl who got pregnant early by some loser who disappeared ASAP. I went to a great university and got my bsc, she doesn’t have a job that I know of and never went back for her GED.

It may sound like something that I made up because the stories are just so neatly drastically different, but that is the god’s honest truth path of our lives. And who was it that said that a daddy’s presence wasn’t important? My father isn’t even the most fatherly of figures and yet I still benefited from having him in my life. One man could create such disproportionate circumstances; Daddies, engage in your children’s lives because their very futures depend on it.

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